How We Do It …
AM Atlas™ 
A Systematic Platform for Continuous Real Time Evaluation of In-store Performance …Containing Three Core Elements  
       Atlas Shopper Snapshot™            Atlas Purchase Accelerator™                     Atlas AI™  

Where the Shoppers Are and Where are They Going? 


  • Cost Effective,  Progressive Snapshot of Shoppers as They Move Through the Store,  Gained Through Observation , Patented Processes 
  • Unintrusive Process with Combination of Personal and Automated Observation 
  • Reporting Includes Traffic Flow, Shopper Density and Display Exposure Analysis and Action Plan 

What Are They Buying and How Can We Get Them to Buy More, Faster?

  • From the Snapshot Reporting, Opportunities for Product Placement and Fixture Adjustments are Offered
  • Data Drives the Process to Place Key Items and Purchase-Triggering Communications for Shoppers in Accordance With How They Currently Shop
  • Purchase Triggers Include Camera Counters™ Serving to Measure Impact 

How Can We Stay Proactive — Continously Connecting the Shopper to the Products They Want?

  • Once Benchmarks are Established, Atlas AI™ Provides Continuous Shopper Tracking and Product Placement Results from a Web-based Software Tool 
  • Enables Product Placement “What If” Projections, Complete With Projected Monetary Outcomes 
  • Great for Store Layout and Secondary Product Placement