Providing Retailers and Brands the Tools to Sell More by Smartly Selling Faster

Today’s Marketplace Presents Bold New Challenges to Retailers and Shoppers Alike

As social safety concerns continue — shoppers and new on-line options are hastening the reinvention of the physical store 

To Remain Competitive.. Stores must become more efficiently designed with products placed purposely to more quickly engage the shopper with the knowledge that…….

 Selling More

Means Smartly

Selling Faster….


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“The amount of time shoppers spend in the store is limited, but the amount of money they spend is up to you!”…..Dr. Herb Sorensen

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Accelerated Merchandising (AM) is a marketing services company founded by Dr. Herb Sorensen, noted expert on shopping behavior and author of Inside the Mind of the Shopper.  At AM, Herb is teamed with Mark Heckman, a veteran retail marketing executive and practitioner and Peter Wilson, an award-winning shopper marketing expert, whose work spans numerous continents.    For more background on our business leaders, click here .

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